Delhi Registry/Bench of IPAB inaugurated

Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) was set up in 2003 with its headquarters in Chennai. The IPAB at Chennai was the only Registry and filings of all Jurisdictions (Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai) were made in Chennai up till now. The IPAB did have its Bench sittings in Delhi, Mumbai, and Calcutta to hear matters of that jurisdiction occasionally.

Seeing the volume of IPAB cases rise in Delhi, Delhi registry-cum-bench of the IPAB was inaugurated on the 31st of August by the Chief Justice of  Delhi High Court, Justice G Rohini.  The event was attended by several eminent people.

As per the IPAB’s announcement, the Delhi Registry will become functional from 15th of September 2015. The Registry shall receive all applications/appeals, and other related petitions /affidavits of the cases relating to Delhi Jurisdiction  .The setting up of the Registry-bench is anticipate to be a significant step towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness with which IPR cases are dealt with in Delhi.


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