CRI Guidelines in abeyance

In view of several representations received regarding interpretation and scope of section 3 (k) of the Patents Act 1970 (as amended), the Guidelines for Examination of Computer Related Inventions (CRls), issued on 21-08-2015 have been kept in abeyance till discussions with stakeholders are completed and contentious issues are resolved. The Indian Patent Office (IPO) has issued an office order in this respect.

In view of the above, the relevant chapter of the Manual of Patent Office Practice and Procedure, containing provisions pertaining to section 3 (k) of the Patents Act 1970 (as amended) [Section 3 defines what are not inventions within the meaning of the act and sub section (k) considers “a mathematical or business method or a computer programe per se or algorithms” as not an invention], shall continue to be applicable.


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