New Numbering System

CGPDTM has launched a new unique numbering system for Patent Applications and Requests for Examination filed at the Patent Office w.e.f. 1st January, 2016. The numbering system has been standardized and streamlined with a view to attain uniformity in accessing and processing applications by all Patent offices in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata).

12 character fixed length format has been finalized for Patent applications filed: YYYYJTNNNNNN and would include the following identifiers:-

  • Year of filling (YYYY)
  • Jurisdiction (J) – 1 for Delhi, 2 for Mumbai, 3 for Kolkata and 4 for Chennai
  • Type of application (T):
    • 1 for ordinary
    • 2 for ordinary- divisional
    • 3 for ordinary – Patent of Addition
    • 4 for Convention
    • 5 for Convention –Divisional
    • 6 for Convention – Patent of addition
    • 7 for PCT NP
    • 8 for PCT NP- Divisional
    • 9 for PCT NP – Patent of Addition
  • Application serial number (NNNNNN)

The new numbering system would have 12 character fixed length format for Request for Examination as well. The format would be:



  • R denotes normal request u/r 24B(1)(i),
  • X denotes Express request u/r 20(4)(iii),
  • YYYY denotes year of filing,
  • J denotes the jurisdiction, and
  • NNNNNN the 6 digit serial number.

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