IPAB gears itself for reforms

The Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) has geared itself to effect certain changes in its structure and functioning by issuing four of its notifications.

The following captures the brief highlights of the same:

  •  Increase in Circuit bench siting in all jurisdictions: Periodicity of Appellate Board Circuit Bench sittings at Ahmadabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai is being increased from presently two Circuit Bench sittings yearly to one Circuit Bench sitting for each quarter at Ahmadabad, Kolkata and Mumbai thereby totalling to 4 Circuit Bench sittings in each calendar year and for Delhi Circuit Bench, the sittings periodicity is being increased to 12 Circuit Bench sittings in one calendar year.
  • listing of matters in Chennai of matters of otehr jurisdiction-28-6-16 The counsels desirous of getting their matters of other jurisdictions to be listed for disposal before the Chennai bench, may submit an application to the registry for listing of the matter of other jurisdictions after obtaining consent of the opposite party to enable the Registry to place the said matter before the Hon’ble bench of the IPAB as and when it will assemble.
  • 27-06-16-Notification-registration of lawyersIPAB has started the service for registration of all interested advocates, and the registered advocates will be assigned code numbers to carry out the online inspection and applying of certified copies and will be able to avail other online services, that will be available to the advocates very shortly in future. Those who are interested in registering with the IPAB may do so at  http://manage.ipabindia.org/add_advocate.aspx.
  • Scanning work by the IPAB The registry is further carrying out scanning work of all the pending and fresh applications, miscellaneous applications, appeals, rectification applications as OA’s and ORA’s and the same is in progress.Hence the Agents have to submit a soft copy in addition to the existing paper filing of Applications containing the exact content as that submitted in paper.


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